Bonnie is the guitarist in Freddy's band. He loves the kids that come to the Pizzeria. He has a crush on Chica The Chicken and loves to eat pizza.
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Description Edit

Bonnie is a purple bunny that plays a guitar, has a South American accent and he has a determination to make sure that his friends are okay, especially Chica.

Personality Edit

Bonnie is a kind, sweet and shy bunny. He loves to play guitar and he makes sure to put a smile on everyone's faces. He can't say five so he says "Fowa" instead. However, after Foxy told Bonnie to play Foxy.EXE in FNAF World Update 2, Bonnie has sworn to never say "Fowa" again. But after a lot of episodes, Bonnie gets back to saying "Fowa" for the rest of the series.


Appearances in-game Edit

Bonnie makes an appearance during the 1st - 6th nights. Bonnie shows up from the very beginning, so don't annoy him too much, or you'll see why he carries a guitar.

Notes Edit

  • Bonnie was the third animatronic to appear on the channel, the first being Freddy and the second being foxy.
  • Bonnie's voice barely changed since his first appearance. He sounds a little bit louder and he has the iconic habit of saying "Fowa".
  • Eth said that Bonnie is the easiest animatronic to voice.
  • Bonnie, along with Foxy, used to be the main duo of Animatronic Reactions.