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I'm a Cupcake

The Cupcake is a cupcake that Chica holds. The Cupcake can only say "I'm a cupcake," and can somewhat say sentences with these three words like "Cupcake cupcake, cup cup cupcake. I'm a cupcake, cake." However, he can say Chica's name. He said Chica's name when he tried to warn Chica that a Fredbear plushie, given life by the Puppet, was trying to take her pizza. Chica at first thought that the Cupcake was trying to steal the pizza, which lead to their friendship being temporarily broken. The two eventually made up, but Cupcake didn't tell Chica that he said her name. The cupcake can also say "Let's Eat!" just like Chica. The cupcake is the leader of the Cupcake Crew. The Cupcake Crew consists of Cupcake, Toy Cupcake, Phantom Cupcake, Nightmare Cupcake, Golden Cupcake, and the newest member the Adventure Cupcake (and sometimes Pumpkin, but most of the time he's their enemy). How this crew came to be is unknown, but at the end of Season 1 of the Fazbear Let's Plays that the mystery of the Cupcake Crew would be revealed.

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