EthGoesBOOM is an Australian Youtuber who made the Fazbear Let's Plays and Fazbear Reactions. He used to voice all the characters on the channel except for Springtrap and Nightmare, both of which were voiced by his friend Wacky Cast, but now he took over Springtrap and Nightmare's voices

The other animatronics in the Fazbear Let's Plays know EthgoesBOOM. At first they didn't like him, as he shut them in the closet Springtrap was in before he escaped, and forced them to play one night of Five Nights At Freddy's 2 each. They just called him The Australian Guy at the time. Later on, EthgoesBOOM started to treat the animatronics better, and they consider each other as friends, and the animatronics call him EthgoesBOOM, or Eth for short.

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