The EthGoesBOOM Army, or Eth Army for short, is a group of hardcore fans of EthGoesBOOM that banded together to help save Eth from the evils of war. All members were truly loyal, and truly cared about Eth. The members of the army were identified with #ETHARMY.


The Eth Army is an amazing group of people. Together, united, they stand to protect, to serve, and to care for EthGoesBOOM. They fight hard and strong to set things right, and to make sure Eth is OK! And to make the evil ones pay for their actions.

The Eth Army started on January 13th, 2017. From then through January 16th, 2017, the army did everything in their power to make sure Eth was alright. The main goal of #ETHARMY during this time was to make sure Eth is alright, and to also make Eth know that after everything that happened, many people still deeply cared for Eth; to let him know how Sorry we were for our actions. #ETHARMY still continues on in high spirits to end the war.



JANUARY 13, 2017:

The #ETHARMY started on January 13, 2017. This is when the War began. A few days prior, EthGoesBOOM and one of his former closer friend and business partner, Rye-Rye99, got into a fight. The fight then got extreme. A certain person who would like to remain anonymous noticed on Skype that Eth's profile had changed completely. At that same moment, this same person received a weird and very bad sense that something was very wrong. This person made a post on Google+ about it. Not even an hour later, EthGoesBOOM made his post about what was going on. After reading the information, the Eth Army was formed.

JANUARY 14-15, 2017:

The fans got a hold of the information given of what Rye-Rye99 has done to EthGoesBOOM. Things began to spread throughout the Internet faster than wild fire. Rye-Rye99 received a multitude of hate. This caused a release of a "victim card video". Many people of Eth's fanbase began to feel bad for Rye, even after Eth's claim of the complete truth (with the add-in of photo evidential proof if it was needed). During this time, the Eth Army was doing everything they could to stand up against the monster. The monster also sent a multitude of hate towards Eth in which the Eth Army tried to fight. Later that day, EthGoesBOOM appeared back on the Google+ fanbase and saw how many people still supported Rye. This made Eth furious. He lost all trust and loyalty from his fans. Eth then claimed to delete his channel and fanbase group. The channel was then confirmed to be deleted. This was the first failure of the Eth Army, and this left many people broken hearted, and feeling like they died inside. With Eth's channel gone, the hate from Rye and his Ze Geeks began to spread even more. It was the most intense time yet for the Eth Army. We knew Eth left, on a disappointed note, and was probably never to return. That is when our first objective was realized, to bring Eth back. But not just for his channel, but for Eth himself.

The #ETHARMY has begun to grow in bigger numbers, and after the heartbreak, we rolled into action. The Eth Army knew to bring back Eth, they would need to contact Eth. But that was impossible---so we took the indirect approach. The Eth Army reached out to as many people as they could that they thought knew Eth. Some of these people included Dawko, Razzbowski, and even Scott Cawthon. #ETHARMY also gathered many people to start support groups. This support groups made amazing art, songs, and animations for Eth. The support groups also made videos and Legacy Communities dedicated to EthGoesBOOM. If his leave was going to be permanent, we weren't going to let Eth's legacy be forgotten. From this, the Eth Army planned and plotted and fought. During this time, many Ze Geeks began to attack the EthGoesBOOM Google+ fandom, attempting to steal Eth's fans, and turn on him. It was this time when #ETHARMY fought with no end. A constant war began to happen once more. In the end, #ETHARMY has succeeded in defeating Ze Geeks...but not without a cost. It was also during this time, a rumor began to rise. The first #ETHARMY post on Google+ ever made was reshared by a major Ze Geek. A Moderator from the EthGoesBOOM Google+ fanbase commented on the reshare. His comment contained sickening news. There is also evidence to show that some Moderators may also know Eth in real life. The comment had stated that Eth had tried to commit suicide and was in this hospital. This fueled the Eth Army. Tugging on heart strings even more. Then another wave of Ze Geeks began to attack. #ETHARMY stood strong though. Almost being toppled, we came out on top and stopped the Ze Geeks. Out of this, evidence began to pop up that EthGoesBOOM's channel wasn't deleted, but set on private. With the suicide rumor still strong, extra efforts were taken. The second objective of the Eth Army was to make sure Eth was alive.

The Eth Army attempted all sorts of ways. On Skype was the first evidence he was alive. His profile changed yet again, and his status was changing from online to off and so on. Things began to return downhill. Things began to get quiet. The support groups kept going, coming up with ideas for animations and even games, hoping Eth would see everything they made, but we were now at the point there wasn't anything else left for us to do. That is when EthGoesBOOM's channel returned. #ETHARMY and the fanbase began to celebrate, but the celebratory actions subsided quickly as everyone realized it was time for the third objective of the Eth Army: to make sure Eth is ok and to let him know how sorry we were.

The main focus of the third objective was taken because of this possibility: What if we forced Eth into restoring his channel? What if we forced Eth to make him do something he didn't want to? What if he is still mad at his fans? This was tough though. The Army had a hard time figuring out just exactly how to do this. We constantly reminded ourselves that no matter what, #ETHARMY would always stand strong for Eth. Many of the support groups and #ETHARMY members, and even the people of the fanbase started making celebratory live streams on YouTube but not to celebrate Eth's return alone, but to show him what he have done to try to help him. After this though, the people began to quiet down. And the Eth Army was at a standstill. All they could hope for is something to happen the next day.

Many people were very heart broken to the point of tears. Many people received panic attacks including Eth himself. Many people also received lack of sleep due to stress and worry. Many people also began to speculate the cancelation of Five Nights at Eth's. This was confirmed false as the game is still being made, but the possibility of removing voice active was high.

JANURARY 16, 2017:

The morning of this was quiet. Not much has happened. Even the support groups even began to die down. And with nothing going on on Eth's side, #ETHARMY realized what is needed to be done, or at least what they think is needed, in order to bring back peace and trust from Eth. This was the time they began their fowa/fwah-th objective; to take out the monster for good. To shut him down. But our problem was that, Eth is a generally nice guy all together. Would verbally attacking and direct hate to Rye be the right thing to do? Would he want us to do that? So #ETHARMY came up with the idea to attack indirectly, and turn the tables. Rye tried to steal Eth's fans and make them betray Eth. The Eth Army recalled something Eth posted, saying he had Photo Evidence proof that Rye was a monster. With those screenshots, they can be put out to the world and convince Rye's fans to turn on him. With Eth inactive though, this was difficult. Only Eth had the screenshots. So a plan was devised regarding the Moderators of the EthGoesBOOM Google+ community. Knowledge was known that some Moderators know Eth personally/in real life. So the plan was to try to convince the Moderators to join the Eth Army and get those screenshots from Eth. It was at the point that the key to winning this war was Eth himself! The Moderators didn't respond, but that doesn't mean they didn't help out. They began to give us links to Rye Fans and False Accounts to report. They even began to show more proof of Rye's lies as audio proof from his "victim card" video that shows Rye was reading a script. This further supported the widely accepted concept that Rye doesn't care, and intended this to happen. Without the screenshots though, not much is possible to continue. Another standstill began to fall but then a miracle happened.

EthGoesBOOM returned with a 4 hour live stream! During this stream, a good majority of the Eth Army also attended. He was in a moderately good mood and was chilling and having a fun time. He did not appear to be mad as his fans either, even claiming they were awesome! So many fans were so delighted to hear his voice again, and to see him talking to us again. In the stream, Eth talked about numerous things...but nothing majorly in particular to keep the cool atmosphere of the stream. He said that if anyone has sent him anything or tried to message him, he didn't receive it because he hasn't been online to check anything. This confirmed that Eth wasn't ignoring his fans because of disappointment, which brightened many peoples' spirits. In this stream though, he confirmed he will still voice act for Five Nights at Eth's. Whether or not his channel will be a permanent return though is still unknown. Also the fact that Eth never said anything abut continuing to produce FNAF content, or content in general. It is likely his channel may be used as the occasional video here and there for "just cuz" reasons. A change in channel focus though, was highly theorized.

With this note, it began to look like Eth may start to be making contact online again. If this is the case, then #ETHARMY is still willing to stand strong and march on. Because just maybe, we will be able to execute the final objective of the war, and finally end this war in the name of Eth! After three intense days, many people were able to sleep easy that night and we are hoping the following days will hold even more good news.

JANUARY 18, 2017: Today marked the return of EthGoesBOOM's channel career, and his online activity. He began to upload FNAF videos again and most of the drama settled down. The plan to shut the Other person's channel down was still high. It is now commonly accepted in the EthGoesBOOM fanbase that talk of the Other person isn't very welcomed, and in some places, is not applicable. Many fans of Eth still support the Other person, and Eth had to say "this shows who we need to keep an eye on, lol". But the strongest members of #ETHARMY and his fanbase in general trust in Eth and his opinions 100%, which means no support to the Other.

JANUARY 22, 2017: The final day of the war. As of this day, Eth still regularly uploads FNAF content, just as it used to be. The drama has ended on both parties, and the war finally ended. #ETHARMY stood out on top, but the Other person's channel was not shut down, but it is not needed at this point. Eth also made some of the strongest Eth Army supports Moderators of the EthGoesBOOM Google+ community, as a thank you for their constant support. As of this day, the first was of #ETHARMY was victorious!

Thanks to #ETHARMY and Eth's supporters, we were able to strive strong enough for EthGoesBOOM to make it to 2 YEARS on YouTube!! And he is still going strong to this day!


Janurary 27, 2018: The war has ended, but QuizmasterJJE is going to find him, he's going to find the one who started it, he's going to find DorianGoesKING99.