Five Nights at Eth's Coming 201700:47

Five Nights at Eth's Coming 2017

Trailer 1

Five Nights at Eth's - Trailer 2 Time Can't Save You01:56

Five Nights at Eth's - Trailer 2 Time Can't Save You

Trailer 2

Five Nights at Eth's (FNAE for short) is an upcoming FNAF style video game dedicated to EthGoesBOOM. It is currently under development by a fan named IndigoGamer000 using the same software that the FNAF Series used. The game is going to be released in 2017.

A completed Demo of the game is going to be released on February 28, 2017. Five pre-selected people, including one bonus person, will be able to play the Demo; some will be making videos on the Demo.

Brief InfoEdit

As an alternate ending after the Fazbear Massacre (page needed), Springtrap is locked away in the saferoom, but something goes wrong. Freddy Fazbear's Pizza gets shut down. Afton Robotics ends up shutting down as well due to "production of child abducting robotic designs". The animatronics are bought at an auction by a company known as ESE, and they plan to scrap the robots for factory parts in six days. The animatronics can still be saved, and it's up to the Night Watch to do so before it's too late... all while avoiding the ones that hide in the darkness.


CLASSIFIED (for now...)


EthGoesBoom's playthrough of his own fangame! -)11:22

EthGoesBoom's playthrough of his own fangame! -)

In the demo just BB, Toy Freddy, Toy Bonnie and Toy Chica are active. When one of them is at your desk you have to turn off the light in the office by pressing X and turn it on when they are gone when by pressin Z. Every time an animatronic moves he/she will speak. They are 10 cameras: Main Hall, Assembly Line(Toy Freddy, Toy Bonnie, Toy Chica), Restrooms, Main Room - N. , Aux. Control, Parts/Service(BB, JJ), Main Room - S. , Break Room(Golden Freddy, Spring Bonnie), Inner Sanctum(Offline), Outer Sanctum(Puppet, but offline). Puppet is not active in the demo in The Outer Sanctum, but he will be in the full release of the game and he will have charging mechanic. There are files in the office that you can read, and they are required to get The Good Ending when the full game is released, but when the light is turned off you can't read them or looking at the cameras. In the office there is also a TV that has 4 options: An IndigoGamer 000 Easter Egg, The Fumtime Intro, The POPGOES Song, A Chipper Theme. For some reason the animatronics have white lines around them.


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