"Hi Guys! I'm Toy Bonnie!"

Toy Bonnie is a very interesting character. He made his first appearance in "TOY FREDDY PLAYS: FIVE NIGHTS AT RONALDS", only make a small cameo at the end of the video. He only made a few other appearances.

In the first two videos he was in, his voice sounded like a muppet or Goofy, but in his third video he got a new voice. This voice was that of an 80's rockstar. It wasn't until the ninth episode of FNAF World that he got his current voice, sounding like Bonnie's voice, but higher pitched (and says "Fwah" as Four). However, his other two voice are apparently stuck in his head and will start to talk at random moments. It's currently unknown why this is.It is presumed this happened because he entered the "world between worlds" in FNAF World.He keeps this fact a secret to the others most likely to not be presumed to be insain.
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